Action, excitement and tension are all wrapped in one in this weekly entertainment format! People on the street will be sent a message and those selected will get a chance to compete in this fun format..

Contestants will be selected from the streets and 1-3 of those that respond positively to the ''message’’ will compete in this entertainment format. The contestants will be given tasks with various levels of difficulty. We will have a production team of ‘’hunter’’ that is responsible for finding contestants on the street. The hunters will get out on the streets and try to find potential candidates, they go up them and say ‘’ you’ve got message! Do you accept it? ‘’

Love Is Calling

The Hunters will not disclose any other information regarding the format of the show. If the potential candidates accept the message, they will become the competitors and they will be notified of their first task through message. Each contestant will be given 5 tasks. The tasks are divided into two sections: Those that he will have to complete himself and those that he can assign to others to complete.

Love Is Calling 1-3 contestants compete in each episode. If a contestant is able to complete all 5 tasks, contestant wins money prize!

Love Is Calling