Ever size the dawn of time, household chores have always been an issue of conflict between men and women. Husband still keep asking their housewives, ‘’what do you do at homely days?’’or ‘’ you haven’t ironed my shirt, yet?’’ and million of other questions in relation to chores. Now it’s time to show the husbands what their wives do at home all day!

Love Is Calling

Married couples apply to the show and 5 couples compete each week. Husbands will take on all the houseworker a week that traditionally wives feel obligated to do. Each episode, we will see a couple compete for a chance to become the winners the week.

Love Is Calling The wives will give out a list of chores to their husbands and the husband will try to complete each item on the list in time and get the highest points. The task list includes various kind of house works and cooking. The host and the wives will watch comfortably from the couch as the husbands struggle to use the iron or the vacuum cleaner for the first time. Husbands will each get one lifeline. If a task that they know nothing about comes up, they can call ask their moms about it. Love Is Calling