Brides and their mothers-in-law compete as a team in this brand-new entertainment format to win cash prize and audience’s heart! Diligent mothers-in-law will share their secret recipes with their lovely brides, and the brides will prove that they are just as talented as their mother-in-law.

5 duos will compete each week, and one duo will prepare a meal each day and serve it to the others in the studio. The menu will be created by the mother in law of the duo. The bride will prepare their meals in the kitchen set-up in the studio.

Love Is Calling

Once she is done cooking, she will set up the table in the part of the studio that’s designed to look like a living room. She’ll serve the meal and the other’s mother in law will taste to give points at the end of the day.

Love Is Calling The bride and mother in law who will get the highest score from the mother in law will receive the grand prize at the end of 1 week.

Love Is Calling Momzilla is a heartwarming format that shows the genuine and respectful bond between brides and their mothers in law. In this fun cooking competition delicious food and fun familial banter takes the front seat! Love Is Calling