Back Together is a daily reality TV series that aims to save relationships that are on the brink of disintegration. Couples that are experiencing relationship problems are invited to the program where they get to discuss their issues live on TV and seek constructive solutions to those problems in a safe and controlled environment. With some help from our resident experts, these couples will have a second chance to make their relationship work and take a huge leap towards re-inventing their lives together.

We welcome all couples that experience difficulties in sustaining a healthy relationship. Either one of them or both of them can apply to the show to make their voices heard. The couples that apply to show could be dating for a while or could be married. The primary goal for them is to save their relationship that’s about to die and start a brand new chapter in their lives with the help of our host, in-house experts and the couples’ loved ones.

Back Together

Each show delivers the different stories of numerous couples. The number of couples presented will vary for each show as it depends on the duration of each program. The participants will sit at a designated area or a ‘’panel’’. How long they’ll stay on the show will be determined by the topic of each show.

One person from the couple joins us live in the studio and calls out to her significant other, asking him to join her in our studio. The spouse, in turn, comes to the studio and the two begin describing their relationship in a controlled environment that’s moderated by our host.

Back Together

The problems in these relationships may have various different causes: Some people suffer greatly due to constant intervention from other family members, others may suffer due to a spouse’s infidelity and sometimes problem stems from financial difficulties. Family members and close friends of the couple are also invited on the show and their side of the story is also unveiled.

We will have three expert guests – one lawyer, one psychologist (specific fields may vary depending on our couples), and one marriage consultant – present for each show. They’ll guide the couple both rationally and spiritually. The presence of these experts is important for the audience watching the show at home who may be experiencing similar problems in their personal lives, as well. The participant couples will be given various different tasks that they’ll need to complete that will help them save their relationship. These tasks may be things like:

  1. Getting through a dinner date without arguing,
  2. Exercising together,
  3. Dressing oneself/each other in different ways… etc.
Back Together

Through VTRs the audience will be kept up to date with the couple’s progress. There’s an orchestra present for each show. They’ll accompany the program in various ways: they’ll provide us with slow music to dramatize the events, or loud and happy music for when there’s a positive development in the couple’s life.

We welcome our first guest on stage to share with the host the details of her problematic relationship. Then our guest makes a public announcement for the partner to come join her in the studio. There’s an automated door located in the studio, through which we welcome the partners that have been called. If the partner has accepted the offer to join us in the studio he enters through the door.

Back Together

They both tell their own sides of the story through the guidance of our expert guests and the hosts. Couples’ families and friends who’ve witnessed their relationship will be invited and we’ll get to hear their sides of the story as well.

The experts give them certain tasks (homework) to complete till we get to see them again. Once we’ve talked through their issues the couple is sent to a different room where they get to talk privately (without the intervention of the host and the audience) about their issues and we can connect to them in certain intervals throughout the show via the camera located in the room. A new couple is invited according to how much time we have left that episode. (There’s more than one couple per episode.) In the forthcoming episodes we check back with the couple and assess their progress.

Back Together