A total of eight contestants will compete five days a week in various street markets or shopping malls located in different neighborhoods to become the winner of the week and take home the prize money. The winner will also get to compete the following week and get a chance to double his money!

Lucky Market

Each day, two of the contestants are brought to a street market (or a shopping mall) in a particular neighborhood, previously determined by the production team. They are given two separate counters filled with various goods ranging from fresh produce to housewares and clothing. (These goods are pre selected by the production team and may change each episode for versatility.)

The contestants will take their places at their respective counters and they will become vendors for the day, trying to sell as many products as they can to the shoppers. The contestants will compete with each other for four days and the two contestants who have earned the most money from their vending, will get to compete for a second time on Friday for the weekly prize money.

Lucky Market

But there’s a catch! There is a celebrity in the control room watching the contestants’ every move ready to give them tasks that are worth money!

The contestants will wear inears connecting them to the celebrity’s microphone. The celebrity will give each contestant different tasks that they need to complete to earn more money. With each task they complete, the contestants will add to their day’s earnings, increasing their chances of competing in the final on Friday. As the tasks increase in difficulty their values also increase.

Lucky Market

Friday & Finale: Each episode will take place in a different street market and two contestants with the highest earnings will compete on Friday for the finale. The winner will take home the prize money and get to compete for a chance to increase his money the following week.

This format could also be produced as a weekly primetime program. If that’s the case, two contestants will compete each episode and the winner will go home with the money he earned that day.

Lucky Market

Some example tasks:

  1. Persuade two market goers browsing at your rival’s booth to shop from yours instead.
  2. Count how many goods there are on your rival’s counter while he tries to intervene.
  3. Sell some goods just by communicating through body language. No speaking.
  4. Persuade a customer to buy each of everything from your counter.
  5. Get the man in the grey shirt to buy something from your counter.