Love is Calling is the ultimate live dating/matchmaking format that’s destined to take the world by storm! The format has proven to be a smash hit and a huge success for 10 years on live TV with more than 2300 episodes broadcasted.


Back Together is a daily reality TV series that aims to save relationships that are on the brink of disintegration. Couples that are experiencing relationship problems are invited to the program where they get to discuss their issues live on TV and seek constructive solutions to those problems in a safe and controlled environment. With some help from our resident experts, these couples will have a second chance to make their relationship work and take a huge leap towards re-inventing their lives together.


No mystery will be left unsolved in this daily criminal reality show led by a beloved TV personality. Crime Folders is docu-reality series aimed at finding missing people and shedding light on unsolved murder mysteries.


Fashion Wars is a unique fashion-themed reality television series that brings a model and a stylist together for a brand new competition to see who the fashion masters are. 13 stylists who are teamed up with 13 models challenge each other for 13 weeks to choose for the best outfit for the models.


In this fun, daily studio cooking competition family ties will be put to test! 5 teams – each consisting of one bride and one member of the the groom’s family – will compete against each other in this daytime studio reality cooking show to flaunt their personalities and impeccable cooking skills.


A total of eight contestants will compete five days a week in various street markets or shopping malls located in different neighborhoods to become the winner of the week and take home the prize money. The winner will also get to compete the following week and get a chance to double his money!


An exciting, brand new show that warms the cockles of your heart! Get ready to witness the most important moment of two people’s lives! The person who decides to propose to their soul-mate and make their partners dreams come true with a unique and personalized marriage proposal applies to Say Yes.


STYLE WARS is a unique fashion-themed reality television series that brings three people from different backgrounds together for a competition to see who has the keenest eye for fashion. 2 partners are chosen by the contestant who can be the mother, sister, friend, colleague of her challenge each other to choose for the best outfit for the contestant. Once the contestant decide who those 2 partner to dress her up, the challenge begins.